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Home page

What is Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage Info

History / Experiences


Participant Application

Upcoming events


Three new pages are proposed. Instead of large videos, a grid of smaller videos is proposed. One page could be music and the other talks. All videos can be viewed full screen regardless of format. Each of the images above should open a separate tab for you to review. The third page is proposed for 4th day only, please see below.


Contact Us

All form responses are the same (all return the burlap butterfly). If I can use your e-mail as a test, I will try to automatically forward these messages to you in a manner where I will never see contents. Please vote once (at the Participant Application, above). Thanks!

Our Beliefs


4th Day Resources

This page is a new, password protected home page for the 4th day. Password is chpp4thday. I propose a similar landing page for Council-only materials. Please see bottom of page for items that could be included.

THANK YOU!!!! End of Review. Please E-mail specific comments; future meetings / subcommittee may discuss following information

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New top banner:

Home, What, Experiences, info, FAQ, Application, Talks, Music, Prayer Warrior (-1 item)

Bottom First column (-1 item)


Local Council

National Council (Link out)


Bottom 2nd column (just 2 items, 4th day and Council, -x items; -1 column)

4th day (pswd)

Agape Team roles and application (separate page or via staff application; as has been and is still proposed?)
Participant list
Staff List

Agape Team application?

On-site Team Application
Work days

Gatherings (Flyers as created)

Founder Experiences

Weekend Training Manuals?
Prayer partners?

4th day-only Media

Find a renewal group (list? Geographical? Group members / contact? E-mail form to coordinator?)

Agape Cards
Music CD

Donate / Pay Registration?

Prayer banner (link out)

Council (pwd)

council (pswd) [ink to page thumbnail array?]

  • Founding dissertation?
  • Meeting Min?
  • Finances?
  • Training manuals?
  • Weekend materials?
  • Other?