National 2021: National Council Meeting

The National Council of Presbyterian 4th Day Movements is comprised of representatives from Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage communities in the United States

The members of this National Council commit themselves to:

  1. Pray, study, and work for the redemption of God’s creation;
  2. Support one another; and
  3. Awaken our fellow Christians to the joys of apostolic witness and service via the Cursillo Method.

Currently, over twenty communities participate in National Council. The Council meets twice each year and, all 4th Day are encouraged to attend every meeting.

Local 4th Day communities volunteer to host each National Council meeting, National training, and the National Gathering / Ultreya. In 2003, Chicagoland hosted its first National Council Meeting shortly after hosting our weekend #3.  Norm Rubash served as both planning committee Chair and Chicagoland representative on National Council. Norm also served as National Council Moderator from 2006 – 2008. 

Chicagoland will once again welcome 4th day from across the Nation as our local 4th Day hosts National Council (August 26th – 28th, 2021). Concurrent with National Council, Chicagoland 4th Day will also host a National Gathering – Ultreya and dinner as well as a Short course in Cursillo theory and approach. Please let us know you are coming.