National 2021: Training in Chicago

All 4th Day are invited, but what is training?

The Who, What, and How of Pilgrimage.

National Training is a practical workshop where we learn how to share and grow our 4th Day community. Training is led by 4th Day members appointed by the National Council of Presbyterian 4th Day Movements. Both our own Laura Jones and Sue Blue are National Trainers. The goal of training is to help 4th Day communities understand the theory and approach of Cursillo and to provide encouragement and tools for persevering in the 4th Day. Your weekend was the mustard seed. Cursillo reaches well beyond the 3-day weekend. National training helps grow the tree.

During the two training sessions we will:

  • Explore the history and methodology of Cursillo and its other 3-day weekend variations, including Pilgrimage
  • Learn how to invite others to a Pilgrimage weekend
  • Share new and different ideas for engaging the 4th Day
  • Discuss ways to meet the challenges of living in the 4th Day with perseverance
  • Identify and plan ways to support one another in fulfilling our mission to impact our environments for Christ
  • Experience the joy, encouragement and fellowship of the 4th Day from communities around the country

Training will occur on Thursday August 26th, 2021 from noon to 5:00 pm and Friday August 27th from 8:30 am to noon at Village Presbyterian Church in Northbrook, IL.

Please join us for dinner on Thursday, August 26th at approximately 6:00 pm for a group dinner. Each family will cover their cost. Details to follow. Also, ALL 4th Day, their family, and their friends are welcome to a complimentary celebratory dinner and gathering on Friday August 27th. The Dinner is hosted by the Chicagoland 4th Day. Details also to follow.