National 2021: Brief Chicagoland History

Chicagoland Pilgrimage and Cursillo:
A Brief History

Chicagoland Presbyterian Cursillo held our first 3-day weekend in June of 2000. By 2002, we had completed our first 3-day weekend and became an official 4th Day community. We also sent two representatives to the National Council meeting.  In March of 2003 we hosted our first National Council meeting at First Presbyterian Church of Evanston. Norm Rubash served as Chair of the planning committee and as the Chicagoland Presbyterian Cursillo representative on National Council for years. He was also Moderator of the National Council from 2006 – 2008. Our current local Chair Jim Peterson is Vice Moderator of National Council and two of our Council members (Sue Blue and Scott Bowers) are National Representatives.

Chicagoland Pilgrimage and Cursillo has hosted 3-day weekends for more than 20 years, actively encouraging Ultreyas (Gatherings) and supportive Renewal Groups. We have much to celebrate as we engage our 4th Day throughout the year, including hosting the National Council meeting, National Training, and Celebratory Gathering Dinner as we prepare for our 30th weekend.  Please volunteer to help and plan to participate! 

If you would like to read more about our founder’s weekend experiences, please visit our 4th Day section.
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