What is Pilgrimage?

The Chicagoland Pilgrimage, (ChPP)(formally Chicagoland Cursillo) is a three day spiritual renewal experience designed to strengthen the faith of individual members of Christian churches, and through them to impact the environment in which they live, worship and work. Pilgrimage is distinguished from the others (Walk to Emmaus, Tres Dias, Episcopal Pilgrimage, et al) by being both co-ed and consistent with the Reformed Faith. During the 72 hours of a Pilgrimage weekend (beginning Thursday at 5:00 pm thru Sunday at 5:00 pm) participants worship and study together to gain a more personal awareness of their faith, as well as the joys and responsibilities that faith brings. No advance study or preparation is required to participate. The laity-led weekend is centered on talks, both by lay people, and clergy.

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