Assistant Coordinators

As the fourth day community continues to grow in numbers and Church campuses, it’s vitally important that our participating Church’s stay in-the-know as to upcoming fourth day events and opportunities to invite new-comers to share in the Pilgrimage weekend and fourth day community. Additionally, our council coordinators need assistants to help with their responsibilities.

Let Jim Peterson know if you are interested in becoming an assistant coordinator to any of the council members. Below are highlights of the Coordinator positions.

  • 4th Day Activities Coordinator – plans/organizes Ultreya’s
  • Start Up Coordinator – plans/organizes Palanca design and execution
  • Music Coordinator – plans/organizes music for weekend and Ultreya’s
  • Treasurer – collection/distribution/accounting of Pilgrimage funds
  • Renewal Coordinator – educates/oversees renewal groups
  • Camp Coordinator – organizes/oversees weekend location
  • Database Coordinator – maintains ChPP attendee contact information, website creation and maintenance, newsletter publication
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